No longer a list of alt.* Newsgroups

This page used to be a list of alt.* newsgroups available on USENET. I put it up here in 1998, when I first set up the site, as a favor to folks who didn't know how to search for newsgroups in their newsreader programs. Somewhere along the line, the file got truncated to 285K. And of course, since 1998, the number of newsgroups has increased but the visibility of USENET (except maybe as DejaNews and now Google Groups) has declined.

When I started paying more attention to my site statistics, I saw that this page had become a lightning rod for robots and perverts, and not much else. So I'm taking it down. I'm still a big fan of USENET, and I read groups such as alt.drinks.scotch-whisky,, and comp.risks almost every day. But the utility of this page is gone, and now the page is gone too.

Updated, much much later: I haven't read a USENET newsgroup in years.